Daniele Adahi Bikpo

My name is Danièle Adahi BIKPO. I was born on June 06, 1975 in Abidjan (Côte d´Ivoire). I am divorced and the mother of three children. After a 3rd cycle in Audit and Management of Human Resources and 15 years of professional experiences in the management of men and companies, I decided in 2015 to create La Libellule (www.lalibellule-recrutement.com), a firm of recruitment and human resources consulting dedicated to people with disabilities. It was new in Côte d’Ivoire to talk about disability from a work point of view. The difficulties were real and multiple: People with disabilities to put to work and change the recruitment procedures of companies to take into account people with disabilities.

In 2017, my company La Libellule created the 1st fair for the employment of disabled people in Côte d’Ivoire: LA JOURNEE HANDI EMPLOI. A day of meeting and discussion between people with disabilities and human resources specialists and business leaders. Workshops are run to find solutions for the integration and integration of people with disabilities in private businesses (www.handiemploi.ci).

We understood that communication and awareness-raising should constitute 70% of our activities to enable us to reach the objectives of La Libellule. The main objective of La Libellule is the integration and professional integration of people with disabilities in Côte d’Ivoire.

We did not want to leave out people with intellectual disabilities. This is how in 2018, we created Ivoirehandicap.net. A publishing, audiovisual and event production company that by its status allowed us to create tools to communicate, raise awareness and inform about disability.

Ivoirehandicap.net has created ivoirehandicaptv.net, an online press dedicated to people with disabilities and senior citizens in Côte d’Ivoire. Ivoirehandicaptv.net organizes MISS HANDICAP CÔTE D’IVOIRE (www.misshandicap.net), HANDIMARATHON D’ABIDJAN (www.handimarathon.ci), produces programs and since 2020 organizes DIGITAL AFRICAN HANDI-TALENTS (www.daht.ivoirehandicaptv.net ).

MISS HANDICAP CÔTE D’IVOIRE (created in 2018), is not a classic beauty contest because in addition to valuing young girls and putting them in the spotlight, this competition deals with the empowerment of young girls in situation disability through the funding of micro projects and commercial and marketing assistance. This event offers training, scholarships and equipment.

HANDIMARATHON D’ABIDJAN (created in 2018) is a half-marathon dedicated to people with disabilities. Routes of 11 km, 5 km and 2 km are reserved for Handi-Riders. Sport is one of the means of professional integration of people with disabilities. We discover sportspeople, talents that we want to develop internationally. We launched the operation “STOP MENDICITE ALL AT SPORT”

DIGITAL AFRICAN HANDI-TALENTS is a competition that allows cultural and artistic promotion of people with disabilities on the African continent.

We wanted to make up for the absence of an African artistic and cultural platform for people with disabilities. To date, no artistic competition allows people with disabilities to be easily represented. This could be linked to the inaccessibility of theaters, the concept of programs or the communication made of them; but also the lack of recognition of the talents of this often marginalized target.

DIGITAL AFRICAN HANDI-TALENTS is designed for people with physical, sensory and intellectual disabilities. Beginners or recognized artists from more than 40 countries on the African continent will express their talent, leaving Internet users as fans and jury to choose the best. Through this competition, we explore the 7 artistic disciplines.

We only work in the field of disability and we had created all of our activities around disability. What a long way since 2015. I have recruited employees and specialist consultants for these activities who have a great professional conscience and generosity. We cannot count our working time. We are all carried by the passion and the will to contribute our stone to the construction of humanity.

We enrich ourselves with smiles, thanks and testimonies from families. We are happy with the meetings and relationships that this highly social work gives us.

We plan to create a vocational orientation and training center for people with disabilities in Côte d’Ivoire in 2022. We have the skills to do so.