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About Program

INNOVACITIES International Fair of Applied Science, Inventions, Innovations, and Business, brings in its eleventh edition, for the second time in African territory, not only an event but a permanent program, in the form of a Notice, whose objective is to give new directions to inventions and innovations. Over the years, millions of dollars have been invested in the form of financial funds for numerous purposes. Gaining space has been one of them. In ABIPIR’s view, we have numerous needs for inventions and innovations much closer to each of us. The focus of INVENTIONS AND INNOVATIONS INNOVACITIES PROGRAM FOR DISABLE PEOPLE is to improve and facilitate the lives of people with any and all types of disabilities.

This vision of stimulating the development of inclusive inventions and innovations is shared by EducaSat and Ivoirehandicaptv.Net in Côte d’Ivoire, responsible for DIGITAL AFRICAN HANDI-TALENTS, which is why the partnership was created to develop the Program.

The INNOVACITIES Program will be organized and managed by ABIPIR – Brazilian International Innovative Inventors, Scientists and Entrepreneurs Association of and with the support of IFIA – International Federation of Inventors Associations, Portal and TV On-Line, Educasat World and Ivoirehandicaptv.Net

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Target Audience:

Independent inventors, scientists, and startups from all countries that have them, who develop solutions for people with any type of disability (motor, visual, cognitive, or mental).


Encourage the continuous development of inclusive innovations, which facilitate people’s lives to be more efficient, offering them a better quality of life with comfort and autonomy and, thus, giving them back their self-esteem and avoiding the development of anxiety and depression.


Launch of an international public call published in the media of the organizing institution of African Handi Talents, ABIPIR, and IFIA aimed at the target audience with the aim of providing financial resources to develop, finalize or improve an invention or inclusive innovation within a maximum of 24 months. The submission of the proposal must present a reference letter sent by a higher education institution, technician, industrial or commercial incubator, attesting that the development process is ongoing in its facilities.


In case of non-fulfillment of the delivery of the final product within the deadline without justification accepted by the Organizing Committee, the person interested in the resource must return it in full.

Intellectual property:

The beneficiary of the resource will assign intellectual property rights without charging royalties to industries interested in producing them with a view to handing them over to people with disabilities and to the institutions that represent them, without preventing them from industrializing and marketing them. The beneficiary of the financing proposes to sell the product at cost price in a value to be defined by the Organizing Committee so that it can be delivered to people with disabilities.

Monitoring and accountability:

To receive the funds, you will receive 4 installments, one every 6 months, under the responsibility and presentation of the developed product. The second installment of the financial resource will only be released after the accounts are approved by the Management Committee, and so on. Winners must participate in a video conference once a month so that a representative of the steering committee can follow the progress of the project, as well as assist it. Visits to the development site can be made by members of the project management team or by local accredited representatives without prior notice. An extension of the deadline for finalizing the developed product will be granted, provided that the technical justifications are presented and accepted by the management committee.


Daniele Adahi BIKPO | Marcelo Vivacqua | Celso salles | Institutional partners: IVOIREHANDICAP.NET, IFIA , ABIPIR AND EDUCASAT | Finance: African talent team. | Administration and Communication: Celso Salles, Daniele Adahi BIKPO | Technical-scientific and innovation: Marcelo Vivacqua

Become a Sponsor

If you or your institution is interested in contributing to the improvement of the lives of thousands of disabled people around the world, and want to become a sponsor of the Program, or is an institution dedicated to these people and wants to help us in the dissemination of the initiative, please contact us, the organizing entities of the Program.



A Team of Proven Experience and very high Feedback.

Recently, IFIA has been going through some fundamental changes in the organization. Mr. Alireza Rastegar, the federation president, has been making these changes to deliver development in the organizational performance. Accordingly, on September 11th, IFIA president Mr.Rastegar appointed Dr.Marcelo Vivacqua as IFIA’s Director of Latin America.

Inventor, Researcher, Academic Professor Ph.D. in Biotechnology, Dr. Marcelo Vivacqua is responsible for developing treatments in the areas of non-surgical castration and cancer in mammals that earned him multiple awards at international innovations fair.
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Marcelo Vivacqua


My name is Danièle Adahi BIKPO. I was born on June 06, 1975 in Abidjan (Côte d´Ivoire). I am divorced and the mother of three children. After a 3rd cycle in Audit and Management of Human Resources and 15 years of professional experiences in the management of men and companies, I decided in 2015 to create La Libellule (, a firm of recruitment and human resources consulting dedicated to people with disabilities. It was new in Côte d’Ivoire to talk about disability from a work point of view. The difficulties were real and multiple: People with disabilities to put to work and change the recruitment procedures of companies to take into account people with disabilities.
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Daniele BIKpo

Digital African Handi Talents

Being able to be part of this valuable team with an inclusive vision of people with the most different types of disabilities is an immense honor. With a developmental focus, with the creation of new products and even, INNOVATION based on the real needs of disabled people from all parts of the world, it is a continuous movement for the true growth of humanity. You can put all the knowledge that I have been acquiring over the course of 6 decades of life, I am sure that I will be able to help you write more this important chapter in the history of humanity.
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Celso Salles

Educasat World

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